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The life of

Derek Crumpton

This is an overview of the life of Derek Crumpton, influential leader & key role player, not only in the founding history of FMI,
but for the charismatic church in South Africa.

*More conferences & history of FMI to be updated.


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07 December 1931- Derek Arnold Crumpton is born in Durban.

1939- The Crumpton family moved back to Newlands, Cape Town


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1948- Derek teaches at the Wayside Sunday School movement which ran Sunday School classes for children in poor areas on the sidewalk

1946- At the age of 16, Derek is born again at a Youth For Christ Rally hosted in the City Hall in Cape Town.


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1951- Derek starts his studies at the Bible Institute in Kalk Bay, Cape Town

1954- Derek flies to Nigeria to begin 3 years of missionary work (He was the first South African missionary sent by air).



1961- Derek answers the call to Ministry and serves as the minister at Russell Road Methodist Church in Port Elizabeth. A 17-month long healing movement breaks out, after Derek prays for an invalid.

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02 January 1962- Derek and Jean are married. in East London

1964- Derek and Jean with their two young children, Janet & Cathy in Dordrecht.

1968- Derek encounters God in a profound way through baptism in the Holy Spirit at a Leaders Conference in Stutterheim.

Picture 6.png

1969- Derek and Jean pictured with three of their four young children; Cathy, John & Ruth in Cathcart.

1960's- Derek served in the following churches: Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Sterkstroom, Dordrecht & Cathcart


1971- Derek,  Jean and their four children move to East London.

July 1971- Derek and Jean attend an international Charismatic Conference in Guildford, England

Picture 34.png

Early 1970s- Derek & Jean miraculously purchased 10 St Lukes Road in East London, that would become The Caring Centre for alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes and the broken.

Derek C-05.jpg

July 1971- The work of the CIF (Christian Interdenominational Fellowship) under Derek's leadership, becomes an essential resource for local & international leaders to make their teaching resources available for distribution.

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1973- Derek & Jean pursue the vision of the Caring Community, made up of committed believers who would share & "do life" together for the Kingdom.


1970s- Derek continues to be an influential speaker in Ministry with SA Renewal Missions

Derek with Brian Bird- SA Renewal Missions

Derek- SA Renewal Missions

Derek & Jean ministering & worshipping together at a gathering

Derek would often attend gatherings & events, accompanied solely by a young guitarist- Noel Harper

1974-  Under the banner of CIF, Derek organised the first charismatic conference in East London, South Africa

Picture 18.png

November 1976- Derek with Bill Burnett (Anglican Archbishop), Justus du Plessis (The general secretary of the Apostolic Faith Mission),& Nicholas Bengu (Founder of the Africa Back to God Crusade)

Picture 15.png
Picture 14.png

Derek with "Mr Pentecost", David du Plessis


1979- Derek is a guest speaker at SACLA (South African Christian Leadership Assembly)

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Picture 17.png

Late 1970's/beginning 19080's- Derek and the team behind the scenes at the CIF office; the growing Caring Community.

1976- Derek shares the vision for "Come Holy Spirit", a multi-racial charismatic conference with a group of men who represented the main denominations in South Africa. Flies to Cape Town with Justus du Plessis to meet with Prime Minister John Vorster and the cabinet, to ask for permission to host this conference.

Derek C-01.jpg
Derek C-02.jpg

1977- Come Holy Spirit - A Historic multi-racial Charismatic conference

January 1976-  The first edition of the New Vision magazine is published.


Picture 7.png

Early 1980's- Derek and Jean with their five children; Janet, Cathy, John, Ruth & Christy.

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1-6 January 1980-  "Come Holy Spirit 1980" conference is hosted at Milner Park with 6000 attendees in the week and 10000 over the weekend.


1981-  Derek recognises the importance of equipping & training leaders and hand picks 12 men from the community to join him for a 3-week "Boot Camp" in Botswana. He poured into their lives and continued to raise up leaders.

fmi logo.jpg

1983- CIF is transitioned into Foundation Ministries international (FMI)

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1987- Derek & Jean celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary


1993- The Foundation Ministries Training College is established, offering a 3-year Diploma in Theology.

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1991-  Derek & the Elders purchased a small farm called "Solitude" in Gonubie, which would be the site for Highway Community Church.

June 1993-  Derek meets Edward Miller ("Pappie" Miller) as they hosted him for the first time in South Africa at a conference held at HCC


June 1993- Meeting held at East London City Hall

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1998-A Group of Young Leaders who completed the Young Leaders training by Derek.

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Late 1990's- Derek & Jean start travelling to China to support and reach the The Underground Church in China.

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Late 1990's-Derek & Jean together.

1992- Derek & Jean lead a tour to Israel

Early 1990's-  The Crumpton Family


2007- Derek hands over leadership of FMI to John Crumpton & the Apostolic Team

2010- Jean & Derek moved to Johannesburg

2000- Derek hand over the leadership of Highway Community Church. 



2012- Derek & Jean celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on the very same steps of Trinity Methodist Church, where they got married on in 1962.


2012-Hunter & Crumpton Clans celebrating Derek & Jeans 50th Wedding Anniversary

2014- Jean recovering from Cancer


2018- "He Said Yes", the inspirational book on Derek's Life written by Dot Mitchell is published & released at an FMI Conference in Johannesburg.


2018/19-Derek & Jean together in Johannesburg.




February 2020- Derek with his son, John Crumtpon (who now oversees FMI), during the annual "Kingdom Come" Conference.


2020- Derek & Jean towards the end, still enjoying time together.

"HE SAID YES! The Story of Derek A. Crumpton"

written by Dot Mitchell

To continue to read the full story of Derek's extraordinary life, you can order the digital or paperback copy of his book, "He Said Yes". 

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